Fallout-Hosting Newsletter #4!
Hey there, it's us again with another newsletter. This week will be telling you about yet another giveaway, upcoming sales, updates, and modpacks. There's a lot to be excited about; Read below for more information!
Win a BlueTooth Speaker!
This month on Twitter we are giving away a BlueTooth Speaker. Be sure to follow us on twitter and retweet for your chance to win!
Go now!
Modpack Installers!
We have release 2 new modpacks for you This month. They are "G+ Tech Core" and Infinite Oblivion 2. Follow the links below for more info!
G+ Tech Core | Infinite Oblivion 2 | How to Install
Voice Server Support!
Fallout-Hosting will soon be offering TeamSpeak and Mumble support for all of our servers. A planned release is set for sometime in March!
Hardware Sales
Desktops, Servers, Laptops, Gaming Rigs, and More. We will be doing hardware sales soon. Keep an eye out for the flyer later this month.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

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