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Our Premium Minecraft line has been released!
Just as a note again below is more information on our premium line and why you may want it.
Premium Support and Server Performance are KEY features that our premium line is centered on.
- New DDR4 machines to ensure you and your players have a lag-free experience!
- Dedicated IPs included with all plans 2GB+!
- Discord Support use -new to open a ticket in our Discord server for the support!
- Priority support in the Billing System
- A free voice server (Once we roll those out which will be soon)
Most importantly, we will be introducing Account Managers(edited)
Account managers recap.
What is an Account Manager one might ask?
Account Managers will have the sole purpose of serving our clients. Our Account Manager's sole purpose will be to ensure your satisfaction as a client on our Premium line. Upon purchasing a Premium Server, you will be assigned an Account Manager who will reach out to you. The account managers will run a free 30-minute consultation with you to see your goals for the servers and give you some tips and pointers in which direction you would like to go with your server. They may also help you with some initial setup if you would like. That time is yours and you get to decide how to use that time. After this consultation, you will be on your way to having a successful server experience. However, if at all you run into any issues, you can contact your account manager directly and their responsibility is to help you to ensure that you are having a great experience. They can help out with issues that you may have on your server, general support, any billing-related questions, suggestions on whether you should upgrade your service depending on your usage, etc. The idea behind the account manager in our eyes is having a person to contact directly who can assist you one on one to ensure that your experience is as pleasant as we would like you to have.

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