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We are always seeking new people to join our beta testing team. People who join our team will get early access to new services and features before they are released to the public.
The entire goal of this team is find exploits/bugs in the services/features the team is testing. If any problems are found, a report on the problem will need filed with Fallout-Hosting staff.
Each service a beta tester is testing typically lasts 30 days. 

Requirements to join our beta testing team:
1) Have had an active paid for service with Fallout-Hosting for 3 or more months.
2) Fallout-Hosting account must be in good standing per our ToS.

How to apply:
1) Login to Fallout-Hosting's client portal
2) Open a ticket under the applications department.
3) Use the format below
4) Use subject Beta Tester Application

Discord Username (if applicable):
Skype Username (if applicable):

Minecraft Username (if applicable):
Steam Username (if applicable):
Linux CLI experience(if applicable): 
Social Medias:
Reason for wanting to join:
Writing Skills (1-10, 10 being amazing):
Additional Comments (if you have any):

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