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In this article we will explain to you, our valued customer, the fees and services which come with your Colocation.

Included for free with your Colocation package is as follows:

  • Remote / Power Cycle
  • General Button Pressing
  • Shipment Receiving and Unpacking
  • Remote Eyes / Screen Readouts
  • KVMoIP On-Demand for 2 hours a month per service
  • CD-ROM / External Drive Attach
  • Hot-Swap Bay Modifications
  • Initial Server Racking / Neat Cabling

Additional services offered for purchase with your Colocation package are as follows:

  • OS Reinstall: $25/each (Initial install from when the package is received is free)
  • IPMI Install: $10/each
  • KVM Use: $10 for 1 hour or $15 per 2 hours
  • Remote Hands Emergency: $200/hour
  • Remote hands non-emergency: $100/hour
  • System Administration Emergency: $80/hour
  • System Administration Standard: $40/hour
  • Deracking: $100 /server + You must provide your own label to us. We will provide you package dimensions, weight, and the datacenter address so you can make the label. The label must be provided either as a file or a link DIRECTLY from the shipper. No third party links accepted.

Some information on the Emergency vs Non-Emergency/Standard timing:
Emergency is handled within 24-48 hours while Non-emergency/Standard is handled within 3-5 business days. Deracking will be handled as standard unless it is needed to be rushed in which it will be on a case by case situation and you must contact us first for a quote.

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