In this guide, we will explain what causes lag and how to fix it.


Common reasons for lag:

- You have too many plugins (this includes mods)

- Ram (not enough ram to handle playerbase or plugins/mods).

- Location (when buying a server, the closest to you is best, a connection from Dallas to UK is far and will cause lag)

- Too many entities

Server RAM.

RAM is what servs run off, it’s like the power. Not having enough ram will cause lag, random shutdowns and even loss of data. This is the most common type of lag. To check if your out of ram open a ticket with support and we can check.

Fixing server side lag

Reduce view distance - Your Minecraft server will run at view distance of 10 by default. We recommend changing your view distance to 5, this will not make any noticeable difference to players

We recommend using the latest version of Minecraft, plugins, and mods on your server. Most newer versions of software will include bug fixes and performance improvements that will make your server run faster and more stable.

Remove unnecessary mods and plugins

Use ClearLagg plugin -

Use WorldBoarder - You can use the WorldBoarder plugin to limit the space. Most servers don't need a lot of space (5kx5k) generally works. The less space, the less rendering the server has to do.


This is easy to test, prest winkey+r. A box will open, type “cmd” and click enter. In the black box type “ping <server ip>, if you get less than 100ms, your connection is not perfect, if you get more than 200ms contact staff to see if we have a better location to fit your needs.

Client Lag

This is caused when your PC can not handle MC and is easy to check for. Open MC and log into your server. While MC is running open Task Manager. Navigate to performance and look. If anything is close to maxed out, the issue is likely your PC.

Fixing FPS/Client lag
Use Optifine here.
Lower your video settings


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