How to set up Bungee

In this guide, we will explain the process to set up Bungee to conenct to multiple servers

Step 1: Get your Bungee server ready by deleting all old server files.

Step 2: Go to spigot and download Bungee.jar

Step 3: Upload BungeeCord.jar to your Bungee server.

Step 4: Select BungeeCord.jar on your bungee server

Step 5: Open the newly created config.yml file located in the server’s main directory and changed the host: to the IP of the server Bungee is running on.

Step 6: Now where it says servers: is where you will enter the servers (creative, factionsPvP, ect). An example should be provided.

Step 7: Take a look at the force_default_server: This setting will force users to use the lobby before going to any other world

Step 8: Turn all servers off

Step 9: You need to set online-mode setting to false for every server except the one that is running Bungee, this is located in the config for each server.

Step 10: Start all of servers, including the Bungee one.


Step 12: Join your BungeeCord server. To change type the command "/server (name you set in Bungee Config)"


Bungee Documentation:

Official Wiki:

Official Forum:


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