How to OP yourself

Firstly welcome to Fallout-Hosting, in this guide we will explain how to OP or De-Op someone


Somethings to remember before giving out OP.

  1. Can you trust them

  2. Do they need it? Most of the time, the Dev and Owner are the only ones who truly need it, the rest of the perms can be done via a permissions plugin



  1. Log into Multicraft

  2. Make sure the server is turned on

  3. Goto Console

  4. Type “op <playername>”


To De-OP

  1. Log into Multicraft

  2. Make sure the server is turned on

  3. Goto Console

  4. Type “deop <playername>” without the quotes


If you have already OPd yourself you can type “/op <playername>” or “/deop <playername>” right in MC without use of console.


While allowing owners to have OP, Fallout-Hosting highly suggests you keep up to date backups if you OP someone else. Fallout-Hosting will not be responsible for any loss of files or data due to a OP destroying them.

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