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Free Subdomains for Minecraft Servers
Posted on 06/13/2019

We are happy to announce Fallout-Hosting has added free subdomains available for all Minecraft servers currently with us and any future purchases. If you would like a subdomain for your Minecraft server, simply log into your Multicraft account on our panel, click on your server and you should see a new field labeled domain. Put a name in that field that you would like your server to be called, click the save button and you should then be able to access it by connecting to YOURNAME.MyMinecraft.org in your server's list on the Minecraft client. If you have any questions feel free to open a ticket and we will be happy to answer them.

We appreciate your continued support and will continue to try rolling out new features throughout the year.

Please note it may take a little bit for your DNS to update and allow you to connect using this new subdomain.

Fallout Newsletter #8
Posted on 10/24/2018


Fallout-Hosting Newsletter #8
Hey there, it's us again with another newsletter. This week will be telling you about Mod packs, New Blog, Upcoming Maintenance, and the Halloween Contest. There's a lot to be excited about; Read below for more information!
Mod Packs
We have a couple new modpacks available on our Multicraft Panel. This month's Modpacks use the Voids Wrath Launcher. First up is Crazy Minecraft which has over 100+ mods in which provides very unique gameplay. The other modpack is Poké Pack where you can capture and battle Pokemon in minecraft. You can learn more in the links below.
Crazy Minecraft                 Poké Pack
Fallout Hosting Blog
We now have a Blog. Our blog will contain important announcements, modpack reviews and details, tips and tricks for hositng minecraft, and much much more. Make sure to check the blog frequently for new updates like upcoming modpacks before they are announced in the newsletter or for new tips and tricks for using your hosting service.
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Planned Maintenance
Our next scheduled planned maintenance is on Monday October 29 between the 8 and 9 AM EDT. During this time we will be working on updating the security of all of our Minecraft nodes and applying some bug fixes. Minor service interruption is expected and the down time should be less than 20 minutes. Services affected will only be the following: Shared Minecraft Hosting.
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Halloween Contest
We got a Halloween Contest available for you this month. The contest will be a tournament of monsters of minecraft. To enter take a screenshot of the hellish creature of your choosing in minecraft (modded or unmodded) and send it to us. You can create your own hellish mob too as long as there is a in game screenshot. Best picture will win a Fallout Hosting Hoodie. For more details and how to submit your entries click the link below.
Details and Entry

Fallout Newsletter #7
Posted on 09/17/2018


Fallout-Hosting Newsletter #7!
Hey there, it's us again with another newsletter. This week will be telling you about Beta Testing, Discord Helpers, Suggestion Channel, and Digital Wallet. There's a lot to be excited about; Read below for more information!
Beta Testing
We are now looking for Beta Testers to help us with testing jars, modpacks, site features, etc. As a Beta Tester you will receive early access to new services and features before they are released to the public. The entire goal of this team is find exploits/bugs in the services/features the team is testing. If any problems are found, a report on the problem will need filed with Fallout-Hosting staff.
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Discord Helpers Wanted
At Fallout-Hosting we look to help expand the hosting and gaming community. We want to provide the best safe community experince we can. This application we are seeking members of our community who are interested in being a helper on our Discord server. Helpers answer questions others may have, help ensure community rules are upheld and help make the community experience better.
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New Suggestion Channel
We are looking for suggestions for fixes and new content for our services and site. feel free to leave your suggestions in our new Discord channel. All feedback is welcome so dont hold back and tell us what you want to see next.
Check It Out Now
Digital Wallet
We Now have a digital wallet on our site where you can add funds to your account. You can now keep track of funds and even add funds to this digital wallet. The funds can be used for all of our services on Fallout Hosting.
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